Wednesday, 6 June 2012

I haven't posted anything in a while but so much has been going on, I don't even know where to begin! 
I have just celebrated my 21st birthday on 20th May and absolutely loved every minute of it. I am so grateful for the most amazing family, friends and boyfriend! 
I have also recently finished my last ever year at university on Friday 25th May! 
As it was my birthday on the Sunday, we just went out for a nice family meal together to celebrate and on Friday 25th May we went to the annual beer festival in my town which I love to go to and then on Saturday 26th May I went out for another meal and around town with my closest friends. I thought this was the perfect day to party as all the stresses of my final exhibition at uni were over! 
Me and my Cousin at Beer Festival 2012

I got the most special and thoughtful presents from everyone, they were so generous! My mum and dad bought me a beautiful DKNY watch as well as lots of other pretty things! My friend, Becky, made me some birthday cupcakes which are absolutely amazing and taste as good as they look! 

My boyfriend, Pete, also spoilt me rotten! He bought me lots of little gifts and then presented me with an envelope. Inside was a note telling me he was taking me to derbyshire for two nights at a lovely little pub we had stayed at before. I was so excited to get away after finally finishing my degree.
When the time came for us to go away, I packed my bags ready for our two nights away. Pete drove us to derbyshire, stopping off en route for a meal. We got to the pub at about 9pm and Pete insisted that we had a good nights sleep as he had lots of things planned for us to do the next day. So I did what I was told and went to sleep!
The next morning I was awoken by Pete's alarm clock. I had no idea what time it was but I was certainly not ready to get out of bed! Pete jumped out of bed and attempted to wake me up but nothing was going to get me out of bed yet! That was until he laid down two tickets from East Midlands Airport down on my pillow! 
It took me a while to realise what they were and where we were going.
Pete was taking me to Paris for the night for my 21st birthday!!!
It was 4am and he told me he had a taxi booked to pick us up in 40 minutes time, I soon shot out of bed with excitement! I couldn't believe how so many people kept this massive surprise quiet! 
I had the most amazing time and I can't thank him and my family enough. It was the best surprise I have ever had and I will never forget it. He truly is a keeper!

Here's just a few photo's from Paris <3 

The view from our balcony


On the Eiffel Tower

We bought a padlock and engraved it to join the other padlocks on the bridge! We both have a key each :)

This is one of the ceilings inside the Lourve

I really did have the most amazing time! Oh and to top off these last few weeks, I bought a new car!! She's so beautiful and I especially adore the colour!