Saturday, 22 October 2011

Most of your will probably see this as quite a strange title for a blog post but I promise I have a good reason behind it!

Basically, I am currently at university studying Contemporary Art Practices and have recently become very interested in the subject of nuclear holocausts and nuclear bombings. I know it sounds a very depressing subject but I can assure you it really is quite interesting research! 

At the end of last year I took a set of photographs which portrayed my ideas about the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. I tried to imagine life if anyone was to survive this tragic event.

These are just a few of the photographs which I took for uni. I have now also got a few videos including interviews which I did with friends and family, asking them questions about their thoughts and feelings on the subject. 

The reason I am telling you about my work is because I could really do with some of your ideas!

For my final piece, (which I need to begin working on asap!) I was thinking of either trying make my own bomb shelter or asking some kind of business to help me, such as a builder or welder. My idea is to present my work inside of the shelter.

Now is where I need your help! I have no idea where to begin with this crazy project! I'll show you a picture of something I had in mind..

I think the shelter you can see in this photo is just the entrance  but I need to make something of a similar size so it'll fit into my university building for my final exhibition! I was thinking of maybe trying to use corrugated metal to make this shape and then covering it with leaves as camouflage. The only problem is, what kind of person would I have to ask to help me make something like this?! 

If anybody has any different ideas on how to make something along these lines I would greatly appreciate it! Remember it doesn't need to be as sturdy as a real bomb shelter! 


Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Just a few photographs I took the other night whilst the sun was setting. These pictures were taken by the River Humber, where I live. 

I'm probably a part of a minority right now in the UK who is actually loving this winter weather! I love the cool, crisp air and being able to wear my winter woolies! 

I love this hat from Topshop! I bought it during the summer and haven't been able to wear it yet.

Winter is definitely my favorite time of year.(Apart from not being able to get my car out of the drive!) Everything about it excites me. I can't wait to wake up one morning and see a beautiful winter wonderland outside! It's all so mystical and wonderful! 

I love the build up to christmas. The little christmas stalls all over the country. I'm especially looking forward to the German fair in Leeds which I've been to the past two years now whilst being at university. It's so fantastic. The food they sell looks unbelievable and the majority of the Germans sell handmade, wooden nik-naks which are usually very beautiful and interesting. 

Oh and I can't forget the German beer and cider huts that they put up especially for the fair!

I think the fair usually starts in November, so I haven't got too long to wait now! I will definitely be posting photographs of the night after I've been! 

I'm also thinking of starting my christmas shopping now too! I adore christmas shopping and spoiling my friends and family! My logic being if I start now, then by christmas I'll have more money to spoil people with rather then spending it all at once and being skint! 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I'm not so much of a great cook but I do enjoy a spot of baking now and then. Especially if it's a birthday cake! My mum recently bought a new cake book which is absolutely fantastic! The book is called 'Cakes for fun', by Jane Asher. You should definitely check it out for upcoming birthdays!

It was one of my friends birthdays in August so instead of trying to find a present, I decided to slave away in the kitchen for her! She's a very quirky person so I thought she'd appreciate this little ensemble!

The book describes this cake as a 'fridge cake'. Therefore it sets in the fridge rather then cooking in the oven. It's just a big lot of biscuity, chocolatey crunch! I must say that it tasted fantastic though! The flowers and leaves on the cake were cookies which I also made! My other friend helped me decorate the flowers and the plant pot, making it look so cute and personal! Dani loved  her birthday present so slaving away in the kitchen for a few days was so worth it! 

This cake was made for my boyfriend who's birthday it was in October. He's the head chef at an italian restaurant called 'Stables', in my hometown where I also work. 

I even went to the effort of adding ginger hair to the cake, as Pete has ginger hair! This was just a basic sponge cake. I followed the design for a penguin cake in the book as it was the same shape as this but then added my own personal touches for Chef Peter! 

He cut into his cake at work and we all had a big piece! It was a chocolate cake which I made using Nesquick! Maybe Nesquick is my secret ingredient for making it so chocolatey! 

I can't wait for the next birthday to come around! Or maybe I should try my hand at a christmas cake! 

Just thought I should show you my two true loves in life, my dogs!

This is Dylan, he's a brown and white Welsh Border Collie, 7 years old. He's a bit of a grump but I love him none the less! 

My other dog, Barney, is coming up to his first birthday! We got him on christmas eve last year and he has definitely kept my family on their toes! He's unbelievably cheeky and does tend to wind Dylan up quite a bit but Dylan will always be top dog and put Barney back in his place!

 These photos were taken on christmas day and as you can see, he took well to Dylan's christmas present! That poor turkey is no longer with us. He was ripped to shreds. All the stuffing was pulled out and it's body parts ripped apart! Although my mum would sew it back together every time, the turkey ended up as just a wing and ended up eventually being thrown out!

He was a few months old on this picture, sat chewing on my ear! He grew far too fast for my liking!

This is Barney now, a great, big, fluffy lump! He's just so funny and entertaining. I could sit and watch him for hours whilst he chases his tail round in circles and wondering what to do with it once he's caught it! 

Around this time every year there is a huge fun fair in the city of Hull. When I was younger I used to go quite often with my family and enjoyed getting a present from Santa and sampling the sweet, sugary food of the fair! Before last week I hadn't been to Hull fair in around 10 years but decided this year that I wanted to go and see what all the fuss was about!
I eventually persuaded my boyfriend, Pete, to take me and we had an awesome night! The fair was so much bigger then I had ever remembered. A whole street was dedicated to food stalls with people selling toffee apples, candy floss, fudge, brandy snap and every other sweet imaginable! 
We had a look around the other stalls which mainly consisted of games which were quite obviously impossible to win, although this didn't stop us trying! 
Being a typical man, Pete decided he wanted a go on the dodgems! We shared a car which I was supposed to be driving but I just kept making the car go backwards and round in circles rather then forward! So Pete took control and on a few occasions almost threw me out of my seat!
He then decided he wanted to go on the ghost train! Now we all know that ghost trains at fun fairs are usually meant to scare little children, not adults. It was all quite funny and rather stupid until the last few seconds when I was expecting the ride to finish and pretty much crapped my pants when this horrible looking creature jumped out of no where, making me scream like a little girl! Pete said he just thinking how the ride was a waste of money until that moment!
We then had a few more plays on some of the games. Pete won me an adorable robin hood teddy on a darts game and then I won another teddy on a horse racing game!

To finish off the night, we decided to go on the big ferris wheel. I wasn't too keen to go on as those kind of rides make me feel uncomfortable being so high in the sky but it was lovely to look at night sky view!

Me and Pete on the ferris wheel looking over the rest of the fair!

All in all, it was a great night and I think Pete enjoyed it after being so reluctant to go in the first place. I think the purple candy floss he bought topped off his night! 

Monday, 17 October 2011

I am actually naturally blonde. As much as people don't believe I could have this kind of blonde naturally, I do! 

But from time to time I like a slight change and with it coming close to winter I've decided to go just a little bit darker! 
I personally love this colour and sometimes feel the need to maybe go a little bit darker! Although I don't think it would suit me if I went any darker than this!

So for a while now, I've been quite obsessed with owls and everything to do with owls! Over the past few years I've come across pieces of owl jewelry, some vintage and some modern, which I've just immediately fallen in love with and often still wear.

This brooch was given to me from a friend for my 18th birthday back in 2009. This one lives on my coat!

This brooch is very special to me as it belonged to my Nana who sadly passed away last christmas. She used to let me wear it every so often until it became apparent that I didn't want to give it back as I loved it so much. She'd make jokes about how lovely my brooch was and how she was sure she had one just like it!

This is my most recent buy! New Look, £5 .. all I can say is BARGIN!

These little beauties were bought in the sale at Miss Selfridge. Love them!

Over the summer, I went to a village fair where a bird charity had brought through about 7 of their owls for people to see and hold. They were so beautiful yet so intriguing to watch. With they're huge eyes and rotating heads watching your every move!

I was lucky enough to hold one! I'm not 100% sure what type of owl this is, possibly a Barred Owl but I don't know for certain.