Monday, 25 February 2013

Just a few photographs I took the other day whilst on a walk, nothing special but I liked the small details in the trees, especially the winding roots! I also just enjoyed editing them with my new Florabella Photoshop actions! If you haven't heard of Florabella, their website or Facebook page is definitely worth a look.

I also tried my hand at a couple of self portraits! 

For one of my Christmas presents, my amazing boyfriend took me to London to watch Shrek the Musical at Drury Lane Theatre, as well as taking me to dinner at The Savoy Grill (Gordon Ramsay's restaurant!) The whole weekend was absolutely amazing & I finally got to go to Madame Tussauds! Oh and not only did he take me to see Shrek, he booked us our own little booth to watch the play! Couldn't of been more perfect! 

We also found a little market in Greenwich where we found a couple of little bargins!

We also had a little trip to Brugge last weekend which was a lovely little break. Bought some delicious chocolates and went on a horse and trap ride!

First blog post of 2013! I've completely abandoned my blog again recently but I have missed it quite a bit!
I'm now working for a photography company who take family portraits of people in the comfort of their own homes. It's going well so far and I'm enjoying it so that's all that matters. Although I am saving my pennies to hopefully start my own little business and have my own studio one day which I would love! Scary to think I could be working for myself in a year or so though. Here's a few of my photographs I've taken whilst working for the company. 
None of these photo's have been edited by me, everything is done through the editors of the company.