Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Just thought I should show you my two true loves in life, my dogs!

This is Dylan, he's a brown and white Welsh Border Collie, 7 years old. He's a bit of a grump but I love him none the less! 

My other dog, Barney, is coming up to his first birthday! We got him on christmas eve last year and he has definitely kept my family on their toes! He's unbelievably cheeky and does tend to wind Dylan up quite a bit but Dylan will always be top dog and put Barney back in his place!

 These photos were taken on christmas day and as you can see, he took well to Dylan's christmas present! That poor turkey is no longer with us. He was ripped to shreds. All the stuffing was pulled out and it's body parts ripped apart! Although my mum would sew it back together every time, the turkey ended up as just a wing and ended up eventually being thrown out!

He was a few months old on this picture, sat chewing on my ear! He grew far too fast for my liking!

This is Barney now, a great, big, fluffy lump! He's just so funny and entertaining. I could sit and watch him for hours whilst he chases his tail round in circles and wondering what to do with it once he's caught it! 


  1. Thanks for the follow! Ohhhh Barney is just THE cutest dog in the world. And he looks so cheeky xx

  2. they are the most adorable dogs in the world- I am on at my mum to get one for christmas but I haven't quite twisted her arm yet I am sure I can though - fingers crossed. Love you blog xxx