Tuesday, 18 October 2011

I'm not so much of a great cook but I do enjoy a spot of baking now and then. Especially if it's a birthday cake! My mum recently bought a new cake book which is absolutely fantastic! The book is called 'Cakes for fun', by Jane Asher. You should definitely check it out for upcoming birthdays!

It was one of my friends birthdays in August so instead of trying to find a present, I decided to slave away in the kitchen for her! She's a very quirky person so I thought she'd appreciate this little ensemble!

The book describes this cake as a 'fridge cake'. Therefore it sets in the fridge rather then cooking in the oven. It's just a big lot of biscuity, chocolatey crunch! I must say that it tasted fantastic though! The flowers and leaves on the cake were cookies which I also made! My other friend helped me decorate the flowers and the plant pot, making it look so cute and personal! Dani loved  her birthday present so slaving away in the kitchen for a few days was so worth it! 

This cake was made for my boyfriend who's birthday it was in October. He's the head chef at an italian restaurant called 'Stables', in my hometown where I also work. 

I even went to the effort of adding ginger hair to the cake, as Pete has ginger hair! This was just a basic sponge cake. I followed the design for a penguin cake in the book as it was the same shape as this but then added my own personal touches for Chef Peter! 

He cut into his cake at work and we all had a big piece! It was a chocolate cake which I made using Nesquick! Maybe Nesquick is my secret ingredient for making it so chocolatey! 

I can't wait for the next birthday to come around! Or maybe I should try my hand at a christmas cake!