Wednesday, 19 October 2011

I'm probably a part of a minority right now in the UK who is actually loving this winter weather! I love the cool, crisp air and being able to wear my winter woolies! 

I love this hat from Topshop! I bought it during the summer and haven't been able to wear it yet.

Winter is definitely my favorite time of year.(Apart from not being able to get my car out of the drive!) Everything about it excites me. I can't wait to wake up one morning and see a beautiful winter wonderland outside! It's all so mystical and wonderful! 

I love the build up to christmas. The little christmas stalls all over the country. I'm especially looking forward to the German fair in Leeds which I've been to the past two years now whilst being at university. It's so fantastic. The food they sell looks unbelievable and the majority of the Germans sell handmade, wooden nik-naks which are usually very beautiful and interesting. 

Oh and I can't forget the German beer and cider huts that they put up especially for the fair!

I think the fair usually starts in November, so I haven't got too long to wait now! I will definitely be posting photographs of the night after I've been! 

I'm also thinking of starting my christmas shopping now too! I adore christmas shopping and spoiling my friends and family! My logic being if I start now, then by christmas I'll have more money to spoil people with rather then spending it all at once and being skint! 

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