Saturday, 22 October 2011

Most of your will probably see this as quite a strange title for a blog post but I promise I have a good reason behind it!

Basically, I am currently at university studying Contemporary Art Practices and have recently become very interested in the subject of nuclear holocausts and nuclear bombings. I know it sounds a very depressing subject but I can assure you it really is quite interesting research! 

At the end of last year I took a set of photographs which portrayed my ideas about the aftermath of a nuclear holocaust. I tried to imagine life if anyone was to survive this tragic event.

These are just a few of the photographs which I took for uni. I have now also got a few videos including interviews which I did with friends and family, asking them questions about their thoughts and feelings on the subject. 

The reason I am telling you about my work is because I could really do with some of your ideas!

For my final piece, (which I need to begin working on asap!) I was thinking of either trying make my own bomb shelter or asking some kind of business to help me, such as a builder or welder. My idea is to present my work inside of the shelter.

Now is where I need your help! I have no idea where to begin with this crazy project! I'll show you a picture of something I had in mind..

I think the shelter you can see in this photo is just the entrance  but I need to make something of a similar size so it'll fit into my university building for my final exhibition! I was thinking of maybe trying to use corrugated metal to make this shape and then covering it with leaves as camouflage. The only problem is, what kind of person would I have to ask to help me make something like this?! 

If anybody has any different ideas on how to make something along these lines I would greatly appreciate it! Remember it doesn't need to be as sturdy as a real bomb shelter! 



  1. Thx so much for following my blog :), now following yours as well! :) i really love your ideas and amazing artwork. the bomb shelter idea would be a great idea!! maybe too, you can add in like mannequins or something to show how isolated and lonely it would be etc.

    <3, Kathleen.

  2. I love this, I love photos that are inspired by history. Love the idea, even though gas masks freak me out haa xx

  3. Amazing photos hun! They're so different to what you usually see and as a massive history boffin I love them!

    Following you now:)